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Awesome solution to get back emails from Mailbox


How can I recover Deleted Email folder from Outlook Express? Or

How can I restore sent messages to Outlook?

When you encounter these types of problems then it is quite natural that you may get panic, so now no need to think about so much because here is the best solution to above highlighted situations.

Before you plan to implement anything, you must understand how and where Outlook Express stores email messages. Outlook Express stores email messages in databases that hold .dbx file extension. Every Outlook Express folder has a database connected with it thus if you have 20 folders you have twenty databases. The databases have the same name as the folders hence the inbox folder has a database called inbox.dbx. The recovered files will be in .eml format.

When you erase any email from inbox using Shift+ Del or empty the “Deleted Items” folder then it called as permanent deletion. Usually, if emails from inbox have deleted permanently then an effective Outlook inbox recovery tool can help to restore them but still one point that should be kept in mind is data recovery measures.

When any of the email items from Outlook mailbox gets deleted due to any reason then it does not get deleted from the hard drive but the position of the email gets lost and thus Outlook is unable to locate it. However, no matter how much powerful tool you choose to recover corrupt inbox; it is important that quick recovery is done because the more work you do on Outlook, probability of data overwriting and bring back permanently lost data increases. This is because the hard drive keeps on overwriting the files so that free disk space gets created to welcome new data. In case of the drive space gets full then the hard drive is forced to delete the old data to write the new arrived data. Therefore selecting for an Outlook inbox recovery tool as soon as possible is necessary.

If you are moving or deleting a huge number of emails, while working on such a large number of mails the Outlook may hang and close abruptly. The sudden closing of Outlook may result in deletion or loss of important mails. By using email recovery utility, we can get back those deleted or loss messages from Outlook.

Suppose if you are working on your Outlook then your network should not be interrupted while   performing any task on server. When you want to send an important email message then in the middle of sending process, if the network interruption occurs then it can cause the severe damage to PST file. Sometimes it may delete the unsaved email content from Outlook.

Sometimes the user wishes to upgrade the outlook lower version to higher version. During the process if an error encounters then it may leads to deletion of email from inbox of Outlook. If such an issue arises with your Outlook then only email recovery tool will help you in such conditions.

This software provides two separate builds to recover corrupt / deleted inbox folder, namely Repair Outlook PST and Recover Outlook Express DBX. This tool can be used to recover corrupt / deleted inbox folder from Outlook. It saves the recovered inbox folder in a new personal storage file format PST to guarantee the integrity of the original file. This tool works with Outlook 2000 and later versions and also supports OST files. It can even restore compressed, encrypted or password protected PST files. Additionally, this tool can recover further Outlook attributes such as emails, tasks, notes, contacts, calendar items, etc. To know more about it you can visit the link:

To recover inbox folder from Outlook you have to install and run software on your PC. Select open PST file then find PST file or select Outlook profile based on your requirement. Next step is specifying the PST file and click on next tab. Then select the required scan option and specify the destination.

To recover inbox folder from Outlook Express you have to download and install recover Outlook express (DBX) Software on your PC. Run the tool and select click here to select .dbx File tab. Then the software returns a list of found .dbx files then select the required one or specify a new .dbx file, which does not exist in the list and click on next tab. Finally identify the destination and proceed. Finally if you are satisfied with result then you can purchase the full version of this tool.