Simple Steps to Lock Gallery Folder in Android

Nowadays, most users are using Android phones due to its flexible features, and availability of free applications. They can store many personal images, videos, documents and other data on it. However, you may have such collection of data, which you do not wish to share with your friends, colleagues, family members, etc. Thus, you have to pay additional attention if you have stored some personal information on your Android phone. In order to solve this problem you have to set password protection on gallery folder on your phone. Just read this informative page to know how to lock Gallery folder in Android phones.

Remo MOE is one of the robust and reliable applications, available on online market freely for all android users to protect their confidential data from third persons. This application provides effective file lock system to lock files, which users do not want to share with anyone. Some users maintain few confidential files such as photos, videos, audio on their Android phones and even do not want to share with anyone. However, Android phones do not provide such built-in feature to hide those data from third person. In such situation, if you are thinking about how to lock Gallery folder in Android phone efficiently using any third party application then utilize this Remo MORE suite. This application offers option to lock audio, video, apps, files, images on any android devices.

Why Remo MORE application?

  • User-friendly application: This application is very effective in graphical user interface which helps all kinds of users to navigate application easily. It requires only 50 MB of memory space in your Android device.
  • Safe application: This application performs files locking operation safely and quickly. It is free from virus and other malware threats thus it do not damage your device.
  • Support multiplatform: User can avail this file locking feature in various platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and android. In addition, it supports this feature in systems, iPods, Smartphone, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Free tech support: Provides free technical support for all users who wish to get assistance about locking procedure and installing and other queries via email and live chat services for 24*7 hours.

Other features of Remo MORE application

  • Efficient application to manage device power utilization, files, folders and memory space
  • Can shred critical files & folders securely
  • Removes bad sectors and file system errors formed on the hard drive
  • Backups contacts of your Android and iPhone devices

Steps to lock Gallery folder using Remo MORE software:

  • Download Remo MORE suite and install on your any Android device successfully
  • Launch the application and click on “Manage” option from main screen
  • Next click on “Locker” option to set lock on gallery files
  • Click on “Files” option to choose files which you wish to lock them
  • Next click on “Lock” button and finally provide the path where you wish to store locked files and click on “Close” button to finish process

Enhance Toshiba Laptop Speed

Toshiba laptops are designed to provide a specific combination of power, speed, and affordability. As time passes, speed of laptop might decreases, which really irritates any user. There are many factors which slowdowns your laptop speed. Thus, it makes you to wait for longer duration to perform each operation. Similarly, you are also facing speed problem in your Toshiba laptop and do not know how to fix this issues. Do not worry; you are at place to know reasons behind it and here provided some tips to increase its speed gradually.

Follow below mentioned instructions in your Toshiba laptop

Uninstall unwanted programs on your laptop. Click on “start” menu and choose “Control Panel.” Next, click on “Add/Remove Programs” button. A list programs installed on your laptop displays. Go through that list and remove unused application by uninstalling them.

Virus and spyware programs are also slowdowns your laptop speed by attacking file system. Hence, install strong and updated antivirus application regularly and kill them. In addition, avoid sharing infected data from other source and downloading infected data from internet.

A browser application has capable to track your browsing activities in your system. Whatever web pages you visits and data downloaded from internet will be stored in browser history with date, time and URL, etc. In addition, it also saves passwords, cookies, cached files, autofill forms, etc.  Thus, storing all these information in system may slowdown-browsing speed. Hence, regularly clear browsing history, internet temporary files after end of each browsing activities. Open browser that you use regularly in your laptop. Click on “Tools” and choose “Internet Options” under browsing history click on “Delete Files.”

Data stored on hard disk are scattered on memory space i.e. fragmented, which makes your Operating system takes more time to open a document. Hence, defragment your hard disk regularly. Open disk defragmenter by clicking “Start,” choose “All Programs,” click “Accessories,” go to “System Tools” and click on the “Disk Defragmenter.”

By folloing above-mentioned instructions, one can easily speed up Toshiba laptop gradually. However, this is lengthy process and some novice users may feel difficult to furnish all instructions. In addition, you have to perform these instructions daily in order keep laptop speed optimum. Hence some users do not find time to do it and may forget to do it. In such situation, it is best to have third party application like Remo MORE in your system. This is an automated application that has capable to find things that are slowing your laptop speed all the time and performs above said actions regularly. But you have to perform few simple click on application. Moreover, this application is user friendly in nature that helps all users to operate this tool with great ease.

Remo More supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android operating system. This application is available free of cost and even provides free technical assistance through email and live chat services for 2487 hours.  In addition, it is fully protected from virus and malware threats thus do not damage your system.

Encrypt Photos in Android

Encryption and Decryption of photo files is considered one of the popularly used security mechanism today to safe guard our most important photos and other files from outsiders and other potential threats. There are few major challenges in encrypting and decrypting photos. Most preferably in Android devices because most of the photo files used now a days are portable and need to be accessed now and then. Moreover these photos need to be accessed a lot at times. During this process the encryption and decryption mechanism need to support a lot and provide access to the authentic users eventually. In real time its quiet a difficult task to propose a design that suits these kinds of complexion scenarios. Finding an Android application with the above mentioned positives will be an optimal solution.

Remo MORE is one of the Android applications that is designed and developed by a group of skilled developers and widely used by many Android users all around the world. One of the promising mechanisms of Remo MORE application is its ease of access. The Android user can avail the Remo MORE application at any time they want and that too with free of cost. The Remo MORE application mechanism is a power packed stuff that reliably encrypts and decrypts all kind of photo file formats used including photos with high resolution and great clarity. This Remo MORE application ensures zero percent flaws and a greater level of accuracy of encryption and decryption.

The procedural steps involved in Remo MORE application to encrypt photos in Android are as follows. Using these procedural steps any Android user can be an expert in using Remo MORE application for encrypting photos in Android devices.

  • Install the Remo MORE Android application in any Android and start the encrypting process
  • Choose “Manage” option on the home screen
  • Click on “Locker” button
  • Enter the password and click “Ok” button
  • Choose the images that need to be encrypted in your Android using the check boxes
  • On hitting the “Lock” button all the selected images will be successfully encrypted in your Android device

There are several reasons for encrypting photos in your Android mobiles. They are listed below to clearly explain the need for this successful mechanism.

  • Protect private information from other outsiders
  • To safe guard photos from highly potential threats like viruses and malwares
  • To make sure that these photos are private and not visible or accessible by any others
  • To safeguard photos from hackers who misuses the data

Remo MORE is a pioneer in encrypting photos of all formats. This eventual application has other additional facilities as well. These additional facilities grabbed most of the Android user to a closer level to the Remo MORE application. It includes 24 X 7 customer support and digitally signed application. This Remo MORE application is available for free of cost and a totally an ad free application that halts user frustration at all the times.

Remove Duplicate Contacts in Android

I am using an Android mobile from the year 2010. For the past 2 years I have visited a lot of places and wide range of people. When I meet some people I used to grab their phone numbers and add them to my Android contact list. Unfortunately without my intention I registered some mobile numbers twice with different names or with few variations. Now my phone memory is overflowing I need to get rid of those duplicate contacts in my Android phone. Kindly suggest me a best way to remove duplicate contacts in Android phone…

Duplicate contacts – one of the popularly registered complaints in Android operating system in the recent years. There is no inbuilt utility for any Android phones or tablets to spot and sort out the unwanted duplicate contacts created automatically or created by the users. There are several reasons for the creation of unwanted duplicate contacts in Android phones. One of the major reasons for Android duplicate contacts is that the Android operating system supports contacts even without labels. Due to this many Android users by mistake saves their android contacts twice or more in their Android mobiles and tablets.

These duplicate contacts can be sorted out easily and can be removed easily by using an efficient Android application called Remo MORE. This successful Android application is built by a team of highly skilled which makes the product to stand tall among its competitors. Its efficient mechanism can remove duplicate contacts in Android phones and tablets. To do this the Android user all things that need to be done is just touching some buttons in the Remo MORE application. Not this there are several advantages in using this Android application they are as follows.

  • Easy to install and use in any Android phones and tablet devices
  • Higher end graphical interface to facilitate Android users in all aspects
  • Provides variable options for the users to locate and wipe duplicate contacts within minutes
  • The accuracy rate of finding duplicate contacts using Remo MORE application is extremely high
  •   There are other lot of facilities available with this application for free of cost

For the query how to remove duplicate contacts in Android devices here is the answer. Using Remo MORE application it’s easy and simple to remove Android duplicate contacts. Just a few touches is more than enough to get rid of the duplicate files in Android devices. The buttons that need to be touched are explained with procedural steps.

  • Install the Remo MORE application in any Android device
  • Touch “Optimize” button on the main screen
  • Choose “Remove duplicates
  • Choose the criteria for finding duplicate contacts as per your need
  • After the Remo MORE application duplicate files sort out choose “Merge” or “Merge and delete” option as needed
  • Now the duplicate contacts are ridden from your Android devices


Always try to use merge option instead of deletion. There are chances that you may misguide the application and lead to an important contact deletion.

Learn How to Clean Junk Files in Simple Way

Junk files are also one of the factors to make your MacBook Pro system’s performance slow. In addition, these files consume your hard disk space and make you run out of memory space to store other essential files and folders. Every system’s performance depends upon sixe of ram memory and processor speed. When you run large sized application in your system, usually they need more ram memory. If system is running out of ram memory then it utilizes virtual memory i.e. hard disk space. More the free space in hard disk them more will be the system’s speed.

Normally, junk files will create when you browse in your system. A browser consists of browsed history, cookies, cached files, auto fill forms, password, etc. All these information utilizes hard disk space.

Following above mentioned procedure o delete all junk files created on system regularly is a hectic job and it is time-consuming process. Hence utilizing third party application once can easily clean junk files on MacBook Pro with great ease. This is automated process and you can schedule an event to clean junk files automatically.

 Other features of Remo MORE application

  • Cleans junk files and duplicate files permanently
  • Removes uninstalled app’s associated files stored in disk
  • Offers scheduling feature to clean junk files
  • Optimizes your device memory
  • Recovers lost or deleted data from any storage device
  • Wipes your confidential data beyond recovery

How to utilize Remo MORE application

  • Download Remo MORE software suite and install on your MacBook Pro successfully
  • Start the process by choosing “Optimize” option from main screen and click on “Privacy Cleaner”
  • Next click on “Clean System Junk” option and check on all items and click on “Scan” option to initialize scanning
  • Once scanning is finished, you can see a detailed report of deleted junk files from your system

Why Remo MORE application

  • Most user-friendly application:  Application is having more look and feel nature. All types of users can easily navigate the screens and each command is comprised of descriptions which clears the users what to do in each step.
  • Provides free technical support: It offers free technical support for users who are fails to operate the tool successfully. In addition, tech people also give guidance about application via email and live chat services at any time.
  • Application is revamped  with more features: This application is combination of four significant operations such as recovery, enhancement, management and optimization.
  • Supports multiple platforms: This application can work on different operating system platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • Performs safe and secure operations: This application can perform each operation on your device safely and securely. In addition, it does not do any damages to your device since it is read only application.
  • Free from virus and other malicious threats: It has been proven that application is completely free from virus threats and do not slowdowns your device performance.

Software meant for clearing Cache in Safari

What is the use of “cache” in your Safari browser? Do you know the importance of it? It is related to which section of computer usage? Is there any size of Cache? Why it should be cleared most often?

These are the general questions which any user would be asking for who is a newbie to such a term. Well, it will be better to start from the literal meaning of “cache”. Cache simply means small pouch. As we know in Mac computer, chief internet browser is Safari. Cache is a folder used in internet browsers like Safari. It is used to store internet site addresses, web page attributes, like various links, icons, images etc. The importance of cache is very high because once user enters a particular internet site in the search bar; the browser need not fetch the whole data from the server, but only needs to check with the cache folder having the same site address. In this way load on computer system decreases and internet data can be saved a lot. Usually cache size comes around hundred megabyte.

Crucial reason to clear the cache!

Most important reason for clearing the cache is that of memory consideration. Visiting different internet sites most often may consume large memory space and may eventually lead to slow computer performance. Moreover visiting the same internet site every day can make the user unaware about new updates that would have happened in the site. This is because cache allows the browser to fetch the interne data directly from it, thus any change that would have happened will not reflect in the page, leaving the user less knowledgeable. Even data security is a very important reason to clear the cache.

Is there any simple way to clear the cache?

Clearing the cache from the computer is easier than ever by using top rated software in internet known as Remo MORE. This software is guaranteed to perform the job in a way which is makes the user feel easy.

Performance driven features:

Remo MORE is software which has maintained its name in wide variety of applications, thanks to the programming pattern and algorithm developed for it which makes gives best results. This software hardly takes short duration of time in clearing cache in safari browser. It is capable to clear other browser junk attributes too like browsing history, cookies etc. This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows as well Mac operating system. The graphical user interface used in this software has always been the appreciable feature which is operable yet easy to use by beginner users. This software also supports other popular internet browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

Simple to follow steps to clear cache:

  • Download this small sized software and install it.
  • Initiate the software and choose “Optimize” option.
  • Now select “Clean Browser Junk”.
  • Next select “Clean” and complete cache will be cleared.

Password Protect Folders

What is the best way to secure the data and other confidential files inside folders?

How to password protect folders?

What is the need for password protection to folder?

Is there any powerful free software to password protect folders?

Starting from the base today cyber threats all around the internet is one of the major disasters to the users all over the world. These vulnerabilities and threat matrices not spoils the data that available in offline but also these gets themselves downloaded to the PC to steal the data inside the important folders stored in your PC. As per the computer security experts worldwide, keeping the confidential data inside a folder is risky at crucial times. Though there were many antiviral programs and mechanisms these viral are a step ahead and operate in stealthy mode. It would be fine if those confidential folders are locked by making use of a well deserved password protection. Here are some of the descent ways to password protect folders and procedure to deploy them.

The powerful tool to password protect folders is Remo MORE. This well designed with a lot of additional stuff to talk about before proceeding with the product functionalities and product features some of the importance of password protection in folders needs to be highlighted. Those highlights are listed below.

  • Provides lower level security to all types of folders
  • Can safe guard confidential information from highly potential threats and malicious users
  • Maintains privacy

These highlights of the folder protection may look simple and elegant but they are powerful as well. Remo MORE is one of the finest software that is been deployed and trusted by a wide range of users worldwide. The advantages that keep this Remo MORE software in users PC for a very long time is provided below.

  • This Remo MORE application is well supported by the widely used operating systems like Windows and Mac
  • Folder created in drives or volumes can be password protected using this software
  • Can support folders with customized icons
  • Powerful encryption and decryption methodology
  • Easy for the user to add, edit and perform other file operations on the password protected folder
  • Remo MORE software can be installed much similar to other software installed in Windows and Mac

Using the Remo MORE software is also not a big deal. Just a few mouse clicks is all that a user need for folder password protect operation. The systematic procedure involved in Remo MORE is provided here as well.

  • Receive the Remo MORE software from its official website or by following the link provided here
  • Once installed start the password protection process
  • Choose “Manage” option from the main screen
  • Click “File manager”
  • Choose “File protector
  • Click “File/ Folder Locker
  • Now choose the “Add folder” option and add the folders that need to be password protected by this software
  • After successfully adding the folders and files to the Remo MORE software click on the “Lock” button


If you want to uninstall the software first remove the password protection option from all the password protected folders and after that uninstall it because if the Remo MORE software is removed from the PC then the password protected folder will become a dead or inactive file which cannot be accessed or bypassed by none of the software available in the internet.

Defrag Registry

What are registries in Windows?

Registries are known as the hierarchical database that is built by the Windows configuration settings using operating system components at the low level. All the application and process running in Windows operating system makes use of these registries. These registry files are unique to Windows operating system. There are several consequences are there in using registry files as well like fragmentation of registries. Here, they are clearly explained and the perfect solution to solve them is also provided.

What is registry fragmentation?

Windows operating system uses the registry files now and then either for sole purpose or a group. After the usage of the registries by the kernels or some other services that are running in the background. After these processes finish their work with registries the space occupied by those registries and Meta elements is left unused until a new registry occupies that place. This is called a registry fragmentation process. One of the worst case scenario is the user may use a recently installed software application hardly. As it is useless the user now wants to get rid of it and uninstalls the software from the logical drive but still the space that are allocated for these installed software will remain the same. On the whole it will be like allocating space for unwanted registries.

Effects of fragmented registries:

  • Unwanted defragmentation errors due to the uninstalled software.
  • The left trace outs of the installed and uninstalled application
  • Performance degradation
  • Increases the boot time of the PC

Perfect solution is defragging registry:

If these fragmented registry files are ordered and used properly the problem is solved within minutes. Then immediately a question may rise in your mind asking that how to get deep inside registries and defrag them? To keep it professional through manual methods it’s highly impossible. The perfect way to defrag registry files is by using legitimate third party registry defragment software. One of the finest software to defrag registry file is Remo MORE. This software has a streamlined powerful algorithm that performs registry defragmentation without causing any damage to the registry files. Some of the most welcomed product features are provided below.

  • Remo MORE software tool is totally free and can be applicable to any Windows OS versions such as XP, vista, 7, 8 etc.
  • It’s easy to use user interface provides a most friendly environment to the user to sophisticate them at the earnest
  • Solves all kind of registry fragmentation errors
  • Provides a detailed report of the fault registries before and after the registry defragmentation process

Necessary steps required to defrag registry using Remo MORE:

Downloading and using the Remo MORE software in Windows environment is not a rocket science or mission to mars. Basic computer skill is highly sufficient to defrag the registries in Windows. Anyone can download and install the software by following the hyperlink provided here. After successful installation you need to choose Optimize >> Registry cleaner >> Defrag registry from the opened windows. Now a detailed report stating the warnings and issues of the registry files will be displayed and permission will be sleeked for further registry defragmentation. Hit Finish to wind up the registry defragmentation process.

Backup IPad Contacts

IPad devices now a day has become a part and parcel of our day to day life. Now a day computing has become a very handy and wearable. IPad is one of the major tech giant which laid path for such innovations all through the mobile devices history. One of the major bridges that iPad developer is trying to build is a data store equal to that of the laptops and desktop PC. Well the word success is not so far to the iPad developers and programmers only some constraints like data backup remains still a major block to the iPad users. Particularly the iPad users struggle a lot to backup iPad contacts. Here is a detailed study of backing up iPad contacts which gives a perfect picture of the situations and solutions to solve it easily.

Perfect solution to backup iPad contacts:

The iPad devices are widely used by a lot of business executives who prefers a lot in carrying data everywhere. These business executives are highly prone to business related contacts. This is where the real problem occurs. Storing and maintain the contacts of all the business leads is a hectic task. This is because the iPad user may have tons of contacts. In order to maintain these contacts manually is a hard job. Now we don’t have any other choice just to leave the job to a well deserved iPad application. One of those deserved application is Remo MORE which is a master mind in this job.

This application is very handy and comes with a lot of special features. According to the feedback raised by many users of Remo MORE software saying that to backup iPad contacts there is none other applications available in the Apple store. This Remo MORE application is a digitally signed application which is free from all vulnerable threats. Moreover, backing up iPad contacts using this application is very easy because the user interface used in this application is that much friendly and gives only a negligible work load to the user. Just a few feather touches in iPad can backup all your iPad contacts within minutes. There are several other advantages as well which are provided below.

  • Fully fledged technical support to assist the Remo MORE users in back upping iPad contacts
  • Digitally signed application to ensure data safety and free from all vulnerable threats
  • Unlike the Apple’s iTunes and iCloud this application is available for free of cost

The simple procedurals to backup iPad contacts are provided here.

  • Get the Remo MORE application from the Apple store or any other official ios stores easily and install it in your iPad which won’t be much complicated.
  • After successful installation in the main screen choose the Manage option which will be indexed by the letter M
  • In the next screen choose Contacts Backup option
  • From the next screen you need to choose Backup Contacts and select the needed contacts that need to be backed up by using Select all option
  • Now the application will initiate by itself and all the iPad contacts is backed up automatically without errors.
  • After successful completion a success message is thrown back to you saying that iPad contacts backup is successful like this “Total contacts :

Software to Recover Files Lost from External Hard Drive

Computers are invincible in terms of its multi tasking features and applicability. It also requires data storage space and after certain limit its data storage space becomes complete. To complete the requirement of data storage external storage devices are used. Out of the many external storage devices one of the most common devices is external hard drive. Hard drive is very much versatile in terms of its usage. It can be used to store any kind of data like photos, videos and music files. If a user stores important data in the hard drive like confidential information about the bank account details and if he/she loses these files due to one reason or the other like accidental deletion. Then, he will not at all tolerate it. In such situations use of a recovery software is highly advisable which will help the user in recovering those lost file.

If the user is facing a difficult situation of choosing good recovery software, then, he need not get confused because he/she is reading the correct page which guides him/ her in selecting the best recovery software known as Remo Recover software. This software is very much efficient in recovering lost files from the external hard drive within few minutes. It uses highly advanced algorithm developed by recovery experts. Before proceeding to the main features of this software, let’s go through some of the scenarios which results in deletion of files from the external hard drive.

Abrupt removal of hard drive: Every device which is connected to computer has proper steps in removing it from the system. If that process is not followed and the device is removed abruptly, then the files can get corrupted and get lost. In the same way if external hard drive connected to the system is removed abruptly, then the files important to the user may get lost. This can be hurtful to the user.

Virus attack: Virus coming into the system has varied sources like copying or downloading files infected with virus from untrustworthy internet sites. A virus has enough potential to damage the files stored in the hard drive connected to the system. If files get corrupted then it gets lost from the drive and it will not be accessible by the user.

Accidental deletion: Sometimes the user may try to delete the files from the external hard drive, which are not required to the user but by mistake may happen to delete the files which are actually important to the user. In such a case, if the user has not maintained any backup copy of the files then he will lose all the files.

Formatting: Sometimes the user may want to select the external drive connected to the computer in order to perform copy function but by mistake may happen to select the format option. Such an act can result in important files getting lost from the external hard drive; such an act can cost a lot to the user if he has not kept any backup of the data.

If you have encountered through any of the above mentioned scenarios for file deletion from external hard drive, then you need not worry because Remo Recover is the software which will help you in recovering those lost files.

Remo Recover is very apt software for recovering lost files from external hard drive. This software has a very simple and easy to follow graphical user interface allowing the user to recover files lost from the external hard drive without any difficulty. Using this software most types of the files can be recovered like audio, video, photo files etc. It can even guide the user to look up the lost files by the file name, size, format, date of creation, deletion etc. The save recovery session helps the user in stopping the process of recovery of the lost files from the external drive and resuming the process at any time as desired by the user.

Since, the files gets lost from the external hard drive by one way or the other, it will be highly advisable to follow some precautionary measures to avoid the losing of files from the system. Use UPS along with the system, as it can avoid files stored in the external drive connected to the system from getting corrupted due to sudden power loss.