Performance Driven Duplicate Music files Finder Software

Nowadays, music files have created a special craze, so every user wishes to store his / her favorite songs in his / her computer and Smartphone. If you are a fond of music, then you would have enormous collection of music files. But the major drawback is, as days pass on the number of files increases but you cannot how many duplicate music files you have saved unless and until you find and delete your favorite music file rather than deleting unnecessary files with same name. Most of the times, you might mistakenly save same files twice or download them more than once.

It is good plan to delete duplicate music files as you are just reducing junk files which will improve your system performance. If your target is to manage files on your computer hard disk and find duplicate music files then you should have awareness of other facts that you will make you happy. By finding and removing multiple copies of MP3 files, you can make your drive free from unwanted data hence get more storage space to add fresh files on your computer hard disk, USB drive and memory card. After removing these files, you can realize there is an improvement your system speed.

If you are regular PC user, then you might add new songs in the library repeatedly without confirming that is already exists or not. In some cases, you save MP3 files with many names in your PC. In addition to this, you can download songs from internet so many times. In these cases, the number of music files increase and your system hard disk is accumulated with data. Although you can find duplicate songs manually, it will be a hectic work if files are saved in many locations. Normally, duplicate audio files will create problem in two ways:

With the increase in number of duplicate audio files, memory space of hard drive becomes full and due to this your PC start running slow. This in turn reduces the performance of your computer and takes much time to run or open any application. In order to free up drive space and improve system speed at a time you need to make use of a renowned application called Remo More. It will immediately identify duplicate audio files and remove them to meet your expectations. This duplicate music files finder will find files with same contents, zero size and same name. It is compatible with removable storage devices including iPad, Mp3 player, memory card, USB drive, etc.

It has the potential to add multiple drives or folders for scanning and finds duplicate files as per file name, CRC, byte to byte, etc. The basic functionality of this performance driven software is, it recognizes duplicate songs from a selected set of folders and lets imperative folders to be barred from scanning altogether. It will discover and remove various types of duplicate audio files including RA, WAV, MIDI, AIFF, AIFC, etc. It is inbuilt with simple user interface that can be operated by all types of users. Its demo form costs nothing and runs effectively on Mac and Windows based machines.

Simple Approach to Lock Video Files on Mac

You can store countless data on hard drive of your Mac computer. In case you are regular user of Mac PC and it has your confidential video files on it, then it is necessary to provide security to such files as a result of many threats such as hacking, device theft, snooping and easy carelessness. Assume a scenario wherein you are a business employee and has stored your important videos related to office or personal life on your computer which is accessible many users. Others who have access to your Mac PC could see your videos and make some modifications. Thus, it ends up with safety issue. Hence, you must be cautious about your video files while sharing with others. Now, the question comes in your mind is, is it possible to lock video files on Mac? In case you don’t find the correct answer, then simply read this article.

Nowadays, plenty of users desire to hide their video files and assume that it is the only finest method for data safety. Definitely, but it is not possible to provide assurance that others cannot view locked video files. Because it is very easy to make such files visible by means of manual steps. One more option that can be tried is assigning permissions to the video files. Nevertheless, others can change this permission, when they have computer password. Hence, this method is not safe. The only choice left in front of you is to lock video files with a password.

How to lock a video file on Mac? Don’t know, well you can lock a video file with a strong password by means of a tool called Remo More. It will also lock your documents, songs, project reports, pictures, etc. It avoids the access to unauthorized users and locks any files and folders with security password protection and encrypts highly important info. When you lock a video file then all the content of that file is encrypted with a key that is your password and nobody can access it without correct password. In case hackers attempt to open your locked video files then they are asked for valid password and unless they enter valid password they will not open locked files. Videos that are locked by means of Remo More utility are encrypted in such a way that both internal names and content will become unseen until they unlocked.

Lock video file Mac and Windows based devices are supported by this hassle-free approach. It will not ask you any professional expertise for using this software. Once you password protect video file using this utility, excluding you no one will access the files unless you provide exact password. In case, you desire to remove the password provided to videos, then use the “Remove Files” option provided by the tool. Due to these features, it is termed as expert method of locking sensitive files and avoiding data threats. In order to lock a video file or folder it gives you a choice to browse and recognize the files or folders on your Mac system and after selecting specific files you can lock files by setting a master key.

Potent Utility to Remove Saved Passwords Google Chrome

Nowadays, everyone needs internet and he / she can fulfill his / her necessity by using internet browsers. Hence, users use different browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, etc. But among these fastest and renowned browser is Google Chrome. The problem with all browsers is they will permit users to save password whenever user login to his / her personal email ID, social networking sites, etc. However, majority of people are completely unaware of insecurity caused by this saved password feature of web browsers but the only benefit of this feature is it avoids users from entering password for next login.

The passwords are stored in the same computer which has user’s saved passwords from other browsers. On Mac Operating System, Google Chrome employs Keychain access to other PCs. Are you a user who facing problem related to your online security? If yes, then be cool as you can remove saved passwords from Chrome. All these passwords including the passwords you have saved from other browsers can be synced to your Google Account, this is done so that the passwords are obtainable on other PCs you are using. If you are really looking for online privacy, then here are two manual methods which help you to remove saved passwords from Chrome. Let us take a look at these methods:

Method 1:

Simply click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar

Choose Settings

Click Show advanced settings

Click Manage saved passwords in the “Passwords and forms” section to view a list of all the usernames and passwords which have been saved

Note for Windows, Linux and Chrome device users: In the passwords dialog which appears, employ your mouse to cover over the site whose password you want to remove and click on X appears on the right.

For Mac users: You can delete your passwords in the Keychain Access dialog which appears.

Furthermore, you can employ Clear Browsing Data dialog to vanish all password records saved during particular time duration.

Method 2:

Go to Chrome menu > Settings > save passwords

Select the password which would like to remove

Click on delete option

Sometimes, these methods does not provide satisfactory solution and hence again there arises a problem because the password saved on browser can be used by hackers to misuse your bank account, email and so on. Thus, you need a third party tool called Remo More to remove saved passwords Chrome with few mouse clicks. It will clear all saved passwords on all latest releases of Windows, Android and Mac OS. Hence,  you can see there is improvement in browsing speed on Chrome. It comes with simple GUI, so all types of users can access this utility. This dominant software contains centralized cloud control panel, which lets you to control many gadgets. It is available for free of cost and requires less disk space for getting installed on your System.

Extreme Utility to Speed Up Windows 8 Laptop

Windows 8 OS is configured with attractive features, good desktop background and many more things. This is designed to overcome drawbacks of all previous versions of Windows OS. Hence, worldwide users wish to use it. But after using it some days, they realize that the laptop is responding very slowly. In such case, one might get nervous and think how to improve performance of Windows 8 laptop. If you are one among such users, then just stay cool and go through this informative article.

You can go with many manual methods to increase Windows 8 laptop performance without any complexity. Let us discuss those methods briefly:

  • Disable time wasting animations: Windows 8 laptop display animations when you maximize, minimize, close and open application windows. The animations look attractive but they decrease the speed of the laptop. In order to disable animations, press the Windows key, type Laptop Performance Properties and enter. Uncheck the animated windows while maximizing and minimizing option.
  • Manage startup programs: You can disable programs that start with your Windows 8 laptop. Windows task manager provides you such option. Click the Startup tab in the Task Manager to access these options.
  • Use inbuilt Security Programs: Rather than installing third party security sites which often slowdown your PC, try using the inbuilt Security applications. Windows 8 laptop has antivirus tool namely Windows Defender, it is similar to the well-known Microsoft Security Essentials app. The Windows 8 also has Smart screen feature that analyzes how trustworthy programs you download.
  • Modify power settings: Windows 8 employs power plans to decide whether performance should be prioritized like older versions of Windows do. In order to see your power plan settings, press the Windows key, type Power Plan, click Settings and press Enter.

Whereas in balanced mode, Windows automatically minimizes your CPU’s performance if maximize speed is not necessary. This helps to save power.

  • Optimize your hard drives: Windows 8 has disk defragmenter, which is also called Optimize Drives tool. In order to access it, press the Windows key, type Defragment, click Settings and then press Enter.
  • Stop storing files on desktop
  • Use more RAM memory
  • Remove junk and internet temp files
  • Put Windows 8 laptop to sleep mode rather than shutting down your laptop

All above mentioned strategies help you to boost-up Windows 8 PC. Nevertheless, these tips look very easy to execute but to follow them you need to have knowledge about Windows 8 features and options. In case you are using Windows 8 for the first time, then it is very difficult to go through these steps. Thus, one question arises in your mind is how to speed up Windows 8 laptop? Do not get fret and use Remo More tool to speed up new Windows 8 laptop. It runs fast on all laptop brands like Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Dell, etc. It scans your Windows 8 laptop and furnishes all the tasks as mentioned above. It supports other OS such as Mac, Android and iOS. It is well-matched with tablets, Smartphones and systems.

Genuine Application to Delete Browser History on Android

Android phones support different types of browsing apps like Mozilla, Opera Mini, Firefox, UC Browser, etc. These Smartphones can help user to browse internet for collecting info, obtain banking services, etc. Most of the times, you can experience greater browsing and downloading speed in these gadgets but whatever the information you get after browsing is stored as browser history. By means of this browser history, one can trace out list of visited websites, automatic filling usernames, passwords, downloaded data, etc. All these info get accumulated in your Android phone by eating more memory space.

If your Android Smartphone contains browsing history, then it slows down your phone’s performance by eating memory space. In addition to this, one can effortlessly trace out your online activities. Finally, in some cases, your browser may not load new content from the web server and goes on to dig up from the cache. Hence, thieves can track your app password as browser app stores even passwords too. Thus, you might face online privacy like problems associated with email account, social networking sites, banking, etc. Your phone stores all these info as browser history, which directly consumes your Smartphone’s memory. Thus, it is very important to delete browser history on Android phones.

Consider you are using Chrome browser on your Android phone, then you can follow some below mentioned manual methods to delete browser history:

  • Just open the Chrome browser
  • Next, click on Menu button
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Privacy
  • Tap clear browsing data
  • Finally, check the “Clear browsing history” box

The Cache contains temporary stored files like pictures, whereas history contains number of sites you have visited, cookie data includes password and username of any websites. If you want to delete any of these click on any item and tap OK button.

But in every browser app, there is built-in option to remove browsing history including cookies and password data. By deleting browsing history, you can speedup browser performance. However, there are high possibilities of getting browsed history including passwords by means of any data recovery app. Therefore, you might lose personal info. Now, you might think how to delete browser history on Android? Do not get fret as Remo More tool helps you to delete all browsed history on Android phones like Samsung, Micromax, HTC, LG, etc. It will remove all cookies, add-ons, cache and address bar history in one clicks.

It also provides scheduler option to deleted browser history on Android in daily or weekly or monthly basis. Furthermore, it will clear temporary files, internet history, junk files and other unwanted data. This in turn optimizes memory, wipes free space and removes duplicate files to enhance Android phone’s speed. This victorious utility can ensure security of your browsed info along with passwords. All versions of Android OS like Éclair, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Froyo, Donut, Honeycomb, etc. It runs fast on all platforms including Windows, Mac and iOS by consuming less memory. This is very simple app and does not require professional background to operate.

Flawless Software to Fix Slow Running Macintosh

Like other computers your Mac becomes slow overtime. Installing and running programs can take enough time and even simple process would become difficult to complete. In such case, you decide to change your computer otherwise take it to service center but it is totally waste. Since, the problem with Mac computer is a serious issue, just stay cool..!! As your Mac computer becomes older and older its performance starts reducing gradually. When you continuously use Mac system, overtime hard disk becomes full with junk files. This ends up with slow internet, increased login time and increased loading time. All these are the indications of poor performance of Mac computer and require a quick action to fix these issues.

Do not get fret because you are at the right place. Just take a look at some known reasons behind slow Mac:

Not sufficient HDD space: If your hard drive is packed with junk files and do not have enough space then results in increased loading time.

Outdated OS X: In case your Mac OS X has outdated version, then it might be the scenario behind slow running Mac.

Too many startup items: When you turn on Mac computer, too many items load up in the background. These can slowdown your startup.

Older hardware: When your Mac HDD becomes too old, its speed drops gradually.

Cache, log files and temporary items: Accumulation of cache, log files and temporary files on your hard drive can result in slow Mac. In case, you delete them manually, you can find those in Home/ Library/ Cache.      

Cluttered desktop: Storing too many files as well as folders on your desktop can make Mac run slowly.

Unwanted apps left running: All unwanted apps use up your memory and CPU resources. However, some apps have memory leakage issues which in turn consume more and more memory.

These are some probable reasons which can end with slow Macs. Nevertheless, you can use some manual techniques to speed up slow running Macs. The techniques include uninstalling unnecessary programs, clearing registry entries, deleting unwanted data, etc. Apart from these, you need to clear old movie files, organize your desktop, figure out all the things that can be securely removed for free space. Another way to boost Mac computer is to have the latest version of OS X. This in turn makes your Mac run without difficulty and manage your startup apps by removing them.

Even after executing these steps, if you do not able to increase speed of slow running Mac, then your problem begins to rise and you start thinking why is my Macintosh running slow? Your all problems end here because there is an instant solution called Remo More is designed to meet user’s requirements. It simply scans your whole Mac to identify errors and fixes them at your fingertips. It removes all registry errors, hard disk errors, junk data, browsing history, cache, etc. It ensures smooth process to fix slow running Macintosh for any user with or without any technical knowledge. You can use it on Mac laptops such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini. It is suitable for all available editions of Mac to upgrade the RAM and free up memory space by removing unused data.

Superb Software to Speed Up a Computer

One of the common problems that arise with any computer user is its sluggish in its speed. It takes after few years of use and takes place in few months. A computer becomes slow continuously but can be realizable when it responds slowly for executing any programs. In case your PC is consuming more time for booting, then it irritates a lot. In such case, use PC optimizer to boost your system. Before going to discuss how to improve computer speed, let us take a look at why PC works slowly?

Why PCs work slow?

The main reason behind slow system is unwanted apps installed on your PC. These apps can consume memory of your HDD and slow down its speed. In case any Windows updates are missing from your computer or you are making use of outdated drivers then it results in sluggish behavior of PC.

Temporary files are generated when a file is created and hold info for a less duration of time. When you close the app, these temporary files are left unused. Hence, you should delete such files for over a long duration of time then it consumes enough memory on your HDD and slowdown the performance of your system.

Collection of too many shortcut icons on your desktop also decreases the speed of your system. People normally create shortcut of each program they frequently use their desktop as icon which in turn decreases the speed of computer.

In addition to these reasons browsing history like cookies, cache and other information also reduce the speed of PC. Cache can store local copy of web pages you have visited over duration of time; if its size is increased then it eats some space of your hard disk which ends up with sluggish performance of PC.

There are many manual steps are described below:

Delete unwanted files from Disk: In case your drive on your computer is almost full, you system will be automatically slow down. If you are making use of your system for a long period of time and do not remove unwanted temporary files from computer, you may face this sort of problem. Usually, in the event 15% of total drive space is not free; your computer may lose its performance.

Remove unwanted programs running in background: Most of the times, too many unwanted apps run in background while booting. It can reduce the speed of PC speed. Removal of such apps is the best way to enhance your system speed.

Clean registry files: In case registry file of computer is filled with many superfluous data, then your system performance will be reduced. Registry file maintains configuration settings of PC and manages info about app running in it. You need to clean unwanted data from cluttered registry file to increase system performance.

Additionally, wiping of free drive space regularly, removal of external threats, defrag HDD on the disk, re-installation of OS, etc. can improve computer speed. However, these operations can take more time to execute and it is big challenge for all users. Who has time to fix all these issues? Then the question comes to your mind is “How Do I Make My Computer Faster?Your queries end here because Remo More tool can deal with those issues. It is especially launched to maintain system performance in Windows, Mac and Android OS. Positive feedback of many professionals prove its proficiency to speed up a PC.

Special Notes on How to Find Duplicate MP3 Files

Finding and deletion of duplicate MP3 files is most important process carried out by a user when he / she wants to free up some drive space on his / her computer. Like removal of cache and temporary files removal of these files can also play vital role to get back large amount of storage space. If you try to find duplicate MP3 files on your system manually, it is surely a time consuming process so, you may not completely delete duplicate files from your system even after a long search. In order to make this process very effective, you have to employ a third party app called Remo More. Its fabulous user interface can locate duplicate MP3 files on the folder level and drive level as per your selection.

In fact, duplicate MP3 files are created automatically by user on his / her system. Assume a case, you have stored a file name called abp.mp3 audio file in drive E. If you are a music lover, then you collect them for your colleague and sent to computer using USB drive. Among sent audio, same file named abp.mp3 will transfer to D drive which is having 1 GB memory. Storing same file in various locations in hard drive is wastage of HDD memory. Likewise, storing same files in several locations in large number makes you to run out of memory space when you need to store some info on it.

Storing more number of duplicate MP3 files in HDD might put you in dilemma in finding the right file when you require a file urgently. These files decrease PC speed if drive is almost full with data. Your computer takes more time to open any app as a result of many duplicate MP3 files. In case, you are interested to find a particular file named abp.txt but in case you are unaware of its exact location, then you start can searching by typing file name in search bar but it consumes more time. The tool has following unique features:

Advance and exclusive algorithm: It scans the whole hard drive in less span of time and lists all the duplicate files which are present on your system. It provides an option to choose and erase duplicate MP3 files which you do not want to see on your system.

Support of multi files formats: It can search all types of files instead of finding a special file format. You will customize its settings to do searching process in a systematic way.

Support of removable storage devices: By means of this tool, you can find duplicate MP3 files on removable storage devices like memory cards, USB drives, iPods, external hard drive, etc.

High speed is quick time: It is suggested and rated by expert professionals as the finest duplicate MP3 file finder across the globe.

There are some steps, which help you to erase duplicate MP3 files on Windows system:

  • Download the Win XP Service Pack 2 support tools while installing be confident to validate the box for full installation.
  • Click on Win Start button and open the “Run” dialogue box. Now, enter the text “dupfinder” in the text box and press the Enter key
  • Next, browse to search the folder you would like to locate for duplicate MP3 files.
  • Click on “Start Search” button. Categorize duplicate MP3 files display sorted by name.
  • Carefully analyze the duplicate MP3 files and erase only if you are sure it is really duplicate one.

If these methods fail to large amount of find duplicate files, then use this read-only tool to locate them easily. It supports several platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Backup Your Windows by Creating System Image

Some time you may come across the situations when your system or your hard disk stops working.  In such cases one is left with no option to install a new operating system. Installing new operating system will erase your old data that was previously stored in the hard drive.
For such mysterious cases Windows people have already identified a tool that will create image of your drive so that you can easily restore the previous settings of your system. Windows Backup and Restore is the one that will save an exact copy of your drive to overcome such problems.

What actually is Backup and Restore?
Windows Backup hands you with the ability to create an exact image of your system, of a drive. Particularly system image comprises of system settings, programs, and files and the whole operating system.

You can use this system image which you have created to restore the contents of your computer to the previous working state, if your hard drive or computer stops working. When you restore your computer from a system image then restoration is a complete restoration i.e. it will rewrite the whole current setting of your system with the restored one. You cannot select particular files or folders of your choice to be restored. Eventually restoration process will alter your current programs, system settings, and files. This system image only includes the drive that is required to run Windows. You can manually perform backup on other drives also.

To have a view to the process of creating backup or system image of your system you can follow this link to online media. This video will surely clear all doubts related to backup and restore.
As you have analyzed by seeing the video; creating backup using Windows utility was so simple. But my personal recommendation is not to use this utility. This utility may fail when:

  • Bad sectors are found on hard drive.
  • Read error while reading the drive to create image.

Lest, you can go for other options, such as any freeware program or some shareware if you want to spend some money.

Opting some software for performing backup, will open the door for various features that comes with it. Instead you find a particular program for this specific task; let me introduce Remo MORE.

This particular software is specifically meant to operations related with your system. It consists of 4 categories. Each category is related to some operations. To perform backup task for your system you can use “Backup & Restore” module which is listed under “Recover” category of this software. This module is totally similar to your Windows Backup & Restore option but simplifies the task of your backup and restoration.

This software has several features some can be viewed as:

  • Light weight; uses least resources of your system to perform any task.
  • Interactive and user friendly that makes it easy to use.
  • Free to use.

Release Memory To Enhance PC Performance

Practically, any program that operates on your Windows Computer demands memory space. When any program will be commenced then it demands some memory space. RAM memory is essential to your Computer for the programs to run effectively. Unavailability with RAM memory resource may possibly lower your program as:

  • Your Microsoft windows explorer freezes.
  • Applications take time to start.
  • Particular program turns into unresponsive while working.
  • Or Windows explorer certainly not responding.

With regard to previously discussed troubles one primary reason probably can be your memory space.
You may question, how your memory space can be the primary reason?
Answer to this specific question is a simple. If you power on your PC just after that, Microsoft Windows OS will be started and utilizes some memory space of your RAM. And then after, in case you start some program, it is the task of the OS to provide needed resources to the program. If the request for resource is given by OS then program will work fine. But if resource is not optimum then you will face some difficulties while accessing that program.

To help overcome this issues that are usually relevant to memory space a couple possibilities can be obtained:

  1. Increase/Upgrade your memory space. This will absolutely present better overall performance.
  2. Get back some memory resource by means of pausing or by terminating some programs which are purchasing resources.

First selection of increasing RAM will be priced. So it is better to choose the second option. In this article I will be demonstrating people how you can free up RAM resources by means of terminating some programs or by means of pausing them.

You must have assessed in the video tutorial how typical the process is. Some disadvantages of this procedure can be listed as:

  • You need to know about the program you are terminating. By mistake people terminate Windows OS service program.
  • Altering the priority of the process affects the program. It may damage the program.
  • Undoubtedly, in case you alter the priority connected with Microsoft Windows services then it will influence your system performance.

Why not going with other some 3rd party software program?
You may find various software programs via the internet that can optimize your RAM. I want to diminish your look for program by means of proposing the one that I employ; Remo MORE.

MORE software program is free and is bundled up using a lot of modules. Just about, every module performs unique task. To clean your memory resources “Memory Optimizer” module which is placed under “Optimize” category associated with MORE software program performs the job. It includes on click “Optimize” option that will accomplish the task of optimizing RAM.

  • No requirement to set priorities for the processes.
  • No use to terminate already running programs.
  • Automatically deletes paged files to ideal overall performance.
  • Just one particular click improves abandoned memory space.
  • Detailed graphic representation of usage of availability of RAM space and Page files.